About COVID NLP Hackathon

We are pleased to announce a new COVID related AI hackathon in collaboration with LUDWIG created at UBER.

The hackathon will be managed by FeynLabs in collaboration with Dr Piero Molino – creator of Ludwig.

We will also have an advisory panel (including healthcare experts) to judge the solutions. We will have two cash prizes of 1000 USD each – from Uber and from FeynLabs.


The Challenge

The challenge is to create innovate NLP based solutions using the LUDWIG platform to analyse research papers for COVID-19. The hackathon is open for global participation.

Introduction to Ludwig

Introductory session conducted by Dr Piero Molino – creator of Ludwig. You can find presentation on by clicking here.

Who can Apply?

Developers, Start-Ups, Industry Professionals, Student, Faculty

What we offer?

Technical Enablement, Mentoring, Exciting Prizes

Webinar on how Ludwig works and the overall approach:

- 8th June,2020

Last Date for Registration on:

- 13th June, 2020

Problem statement availablity:

- 15th June, 2020

Submission deadline:

- 21st June, 2020

Winner announcement:

- 7th July, 2020


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